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Lumpp Artisans is a joinery company based in North London. We provide bespoke solutions and cabinetry for your home which includes larger project renovations if required but we also work on smaller commercial projects.

We can create unique pieces such as small coffee tables or shelving units to larger projects including libraries, kitchens or staircases.


At Lumpp Artisans quality is important to us, from design to the final finish,  we pride ourselves on our attention to detail.

We work with wood and wood based products from trusted suppliers in addition to glass, metals and plastic as required and can provide information on sourcing and sustainability.

Environmental impact is something that is very important to us. Our finished pieces/projects are built to last a lifetime however where possible we will choose greener ranges of materials but without compromising the durability and quality.

At Lumpp Artisans we are a team of passionate, experienced craftsman having accumulated decades of experience in the field of cabinetry. Essentially we love making furniture and working in tandem with our clients. Our pieces are an extension of our work ethic and we are only satisfied when we achieve very high standards, as well as flawless quality in delivery.

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About Thibault Lumpp:


Thibault discovered working with wood and manual craftsmanship at a very young age. His grandfather was a cabinet maker in France and Thibault spent many hours helping him make furniture and toys.  This is where Thibault’s passion for cabinetry and impeccable attention to detail began.

After he completed a Diploma in Senior Craft, Design and Cabinetry, he began travelling to gain experience working with different materials and to discover new techniques. His travels took him to Australia, New Zealand and then to London. Prior to developing his own business Thibault worked for many prestigious British furniture companies such as; Rick Baker ltd, Constructive and Co ltd, Armstrong Vinton ltd, Coutts Bespoke and Kredenza in addition to working with architects on design projects.

Thibault’s passion for his craft and attention to detail coupled with an interest in techniques and combining different materials gives him a high degree of versatility and  skill.

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